Community Infrastructure Levy in SLDC

South Lakeland Community Infrastructure Levy

On 1st June 2015 South Lakeland District Council will introduce their Community Infrastructure Levy.  The rationale behind the levy is that new development places a demand on existing infrastructure, be that roads, educational services, community facilities and the like. The developers are liable for the payment of the levy to ensure that new community infrastructure is constructed commensurate with new development.

Local Power

The powers to introduce a levy are nationwide but rates are set locally.

 The levy has been set at the following rates:

  • £50 per m2 for new residential development; and
  • £150 per m2 on supermarkets and retail warehouses.

However, certain developments are exempt or subject to reduced rates:

  • All development in Kendal and Ulverston Canal Head Areas is zero rated.
  • Agricultural workers dwellings are zero rated.
  • Hotels are zero rated
  • Extra care Housing is zero rated;
  • Development of the Croft lands strategic housing site in Ulverston is rated at £20/m2.

Although some developments are zero rated, this can only be secured through applying for an exemption on the right form at the right time.

South Lakeland District Council is the first Authority in Cumbria and North Lancashire area to introduce a Community Infrastructure Levy.  

There will also be a mechanism for increasing payments rising with inflation.

 How will the Levy affect you?

Contact our planning team to see how this could affect your developments.

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