Future for Moota Quarry secured

Working with Cemex UK Ltd, the Stephenson Halliday team prepared a comprehensive planning application, including Environmental Statement and phased working drawings, to extend this Limestone Quarry in north west Cumbria. The application was submitted in May 2014 and addressed the key planning issues of need for the continued extraction together with the environmental impacts of doing so.

Mineral reserves at the quarry were close to exhaustion and the quarry was facing closure within 2 years. Careful design of a 3.7 ha extension allows release of an additional 1.9 million tonnes of reserves, to be extracted over a 10 year period. Despite a healthy land bank of permitted reserves in Cumbria, the importance of local supply areas was recognised and Cumbria County Council resolved to grant planning permission for an extension to Moota Quarry together with restoration to calcareous grassland, woodland, wetland and rock edges on the 17th November 2014.


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