Infrastructure Act 2015 to get Britain building

The UK Government passed the Infrastructure Act on the 12th February 2015 with the aim of getting Britain building again.

infrastructure highwyas


The main provisions of the Act;

  • support the extraction of domestic shale gas through hydraulic fracturing (fracking);
  • turn the ‘Highways Agency’ into a government subsidiary with stable long term funding to drive down cost and rename it ‘Highways England’ and;
  • a number of minor planning amendments

The decision to support fracking represented the most controversial part of the Bill. Following a debate, the Government chose to support fracking and shale gas exploration, subject to a number of restrictions. These included making it mandatory to;

  • carry out environmental impact assessment;
  • consider the cumulative impact of fracking within a particular area; and
  • individually notify residents in affected areas.

Interestingly, the Infrastructure Act also gives local communities the right to buy up to a 5% stake in renewable energy infrastructure projects with an installed capacity of over 5MW.

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