Lakeland Distribution Centre

We are pleased to see the landscape of Lakeland’s Kendal Distribution Centre establishing and maturing.

Officially, we are now at the end of the ‘defects liability period’, where defects arising since construction was completed are to be rectified by the contractor.

The landscape proposals, which have been implemented to a high standard were prepared by Stephenson Halliday as part of the distribution centre northern extension.

The landscape design concentrated on the peripheral landscape surrounding the extension building, additional staff and visitor car parking areas and the new lorry loading bay.  The well implemented design ranges from formal ornamental planting and improved grassland areas to a large area of rolling meadow grassland landscape within the northern parts of the distribution centre, containing wetland features, pathways and stone seating areas with excellent views towards the local fells.

This is now a new area for use by the Lakeland staff during working hours break periods.

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