Marshalls Scratchmill Quarry

Marshalls Stancliffe Stone Ltd has applied to Cumbria County Council for planning permission to continue the extraction of Lazonby Red Sandstone from Scratchmill Scar Quarry, located north of Penrith in Cumbria.

Stephenson Halliday, in conjunction with Marshalls, undertook a review of the existing quarrying activities on site and prepared detailed working method plans using LSS and AutoCAD software, illustrating the phased working and ultimate restoration of the site.

Stephenson Halliday prepared a Planning Statement and a Landscape and Visual Appraisal in support of the planning application and also project managed consultants preparing technical reports including Noise and Dust Assessments, an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey and a Reptile Survey.

The main issues were maximising phased restoration of the site as extraction operations progressed within a relatively confined site, identifying and addressing specific ecological interests within the site and integrating the indicative restoration of the site into the surrounding area.

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