Stephenson Halliday produced the landscape and visual assessment and accompanying photomontage visualisations for the proposed single turbine at How End Farm in Cumbria. The 74m to tip turbine site is located in Allerdale, approximately 600m south west of Thursby, 7km south west of Carlisle, within a predominantly arable agricultural landscape. The LVIA considered views from […]

Stephenson Halliday took the Bankdale wind turbine project from initial concept through to planning approval.  This involved the following stages: Site search and constraints mapping to identify the site and establish the layout of the proposal; Screening and pre-application discussions with the local planning authority; Preparation of a landscape and visual impact assessment; Identification, commissioning […]

Stephenson Halliday prepared the planning application for a single wind turbine on land close to (and which was designed to help power) the Wax Lyrical Candle Factory at Lindal. It was a considerable disappointment when the proposal was refused permission, in December 2012. We, consequently, advised our client to appeal through the written representations procedure […]