Drigg Waste Repository


British Nuclear Group


Low Level Radioactive Waste Repository

Details & Location

Proposal for the increase in Iso-Freight Stacking height, vault 8, a low level waste repository at Drigg


Approved and constructed

Stephenson Halliday was engaged by British Nuclear Group to assist with their planning application for higher stacking of containers at their Low Level radioactive Waste (LLW) repository at Drigg. The planning application was initially submitted by British Nuclear Fuels plc. It sought permission for the disposal of further half height ISO containers to be accommodated within Vault 8 of the repository by increasing the permitted height of containers from 4 to 6 at the highest point. In the light of the responses from Cumbria County Council, Stephenson Halliday prepared and submitted a document entitled “Environmental Statement Further Information”. This document presented the further information requested by the County Council including a comprehensive landscape and visual assessment and noise assessment.  The proposal was also amended to temporary storage. The application was subsequently approved.

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