Kirkby Thore


British Gypsum.


Review of Minerals Permission (ROMP) scheme

Details & Location

Periodic Review of Mining Permission Scheme at British Gypsum’s Kirkby Thore site near Penrith.


Consented October 2014

Kirkby Thore is home to British Gypsum’s long established plaster and plasterboard plant which has manufactured plasterboard since 1960’s and currently employs around 130 staff. The principle source of supply for this plant is Birkshead Mine, which extracts 60-65,000 tonnes per annum of gypsum by underground mining, and desulphorgypsum.

Jointly with British Gypsum, Stephenson Halliday Ltd, prepared and submitted a review scheme application for Birkshead Mine. This scheme was required as part of the periodic review of the mine required under the Environment Act 1995. The application site is over 1000 hectares in extent. The application included a detailed supporting statement prepared jointly by Stephenson Halliday and British Gypsum and included a suite of development plans and suggested updated planning conditions.

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