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OwnPower Renewables Ltd.


Constraints Mapping and Site Search

Details & Location

Identification of suitable sites for wind turbine development, Cumbria.


Pre-application Feasibility

Stephenson Halliday undertook a constraints mapping and site search exercise on behalf of our client to identify areas suitable to accommodate wind turbine development.  High level constraints such as landscape and ecological designations, roads and public rights of way and areas safeguarded for aviation activity were combined with wind speed data to eliminate unsuitable locations and identify areas of search.  These areas were then subject to more detailed constraints mapping which considered set-back distances from features such as overhead electricity lines, residential properties and ecological features such as hedgerows and water bodies.

Our client used this exercise to identify sites with minimal constraints to take forward for wind turbine development.  One such site was at Bankdale near Carlisle.  Click here to read about our successful planning application for this scheme.