Making the planning system work for you

Obtaining planning consent is an increasingly complex process because of the diversity of environmental and policy considerations. Our experienced team of chartered planners can help you navigate contentious issues, geographic constraints and problematic on-site issues, including feasibility, discharging conditions and developing the implementation strategy. Our job is to make the planning system work for you.

We are a diverse team that has delivered a diverse range of projects in the mineral and waste, rural development and energy sectors. We deploy the right individuals with the required knowledge for the right projects.

What we do

Precise and honest practitioners
We are honest practitioners. We offer precise and concise guidance and advice and an honest appraisal of the likelihood of success against current and emerging planning risks. We provide robust and reliable advice to help you take your project from inception to development.

Application and stakeholder and community engagement
We understand what local planning authorities want to see in an application and use this knowledge to give you the best chance of success. We balance this with our engagement with communities and appropriate stakeholders. We offer advice, engagement strategies, consultation support and consultation feedback report writing to meet the necessary requirements.

Appeals, training, consent implementation and enforcement
Understanding why your project was refused planning permission is key to achieving an eventual positive outcome. We deliver bespoke services to manage and submit written representations, attend appeal hearings and prepare evidence. This unique, full-service solution means we are well placed to lead training for decision-makers, particularly where emerging environmental challenges interface with the planning system.

Once you have gained approval for your development, we can help you manage the discharge of conditions, seek variations, oversee compliance and deliver restoration and aftercare provisions following the completion of your work.


Adam Perry, Planning Director, Stephenson Halliday

“We are a diverse team of land-use-planning and built-development experts, with experience working across a wide range of projects offering a comprehensive range of professional services.

“The planning environment continues to change as local authorities seek to tackle increasingly complex and interrelated socio-economic and environmental challenges. Our team of passionate professionals will strive to understand your project needs and ambitions first, enabling us to provide informed and objective advice suited to your specific needs. This should mean you can successfully navigate the challenging planning and development consenting processes without undue cost or time delay.”

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Stephenson Halliday is part of the RSK group of companies

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