West Cumbria Mining: exploratory boreholes

Our exciting project with West Cumbria Mining is approaching its next phase.

On 15th May we were delighted to receive the news that the Marine Management Organisation had approved our application and issued a licence for the offshore exploratory borehole programme.


West Cumbria Mining: The Background

Stephenson Halliday is helping West Cumbria Mining explore opportunities for creating a coking coal mine off the coast near Whitehaven in West Cumbria. The mine will ultimately supply high quality British mined coking coal to the steel industry at home and abroad.

The coking coal will be extracted from underground and undersea coalfields which extend over 400m below the ground and sea, along the coast of Whitehaven. They will be accessed via inclined tunnels called ‘drifts’, providing access from the modern, architect-designed site buildings down to the coalfields.

The mine will create opportunities for the local community potentially including direct employment, supply chain benefits for local suppliers, skills training for young people and improved infrastructure (e.g. transportation links).


More Details

More details of the project can be obtained from  http://www.westcumbriamining.com/

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